• Kelly Ferneau

Stepping into your own Power

I have been in the Nuclear Industry for a long time. Since I have started, it has always been a place where there were more men than women. It is gotten better over time, but this is still the case.

As I started my career, I was of the opinion that there really was not a difference between men and women. We should not be seen as different, we should be seen as equals.

I never wanted to stand out physically. When I got my hair done, I shied away from big changes. I didn’t want people to comment on my hair - they would not do that to a male co-worker normally. I wore what all the men wore to work, khaki pants and a button down cotton shirt. I wanted to blend in. I did not want to be seen as different. I didn’t want to highlight any differences.

As time has gone by, I realize that men and women are equal but different. We need to embrace what we all bring to the table. As I watched this Ted Talk, it really spoke to me. It discusses that we need to give ourselves permission to step into our own power. We should not shy away from what makes us different but celebrate that difference. That difference is what is needed when you are at the table to be a fully functioning and valuable team member. We need women and men in every space where decisions are made.

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