Female Developers


Social Learning is the process of learning through the observation of other people's behaviors, sharing of experiences and feedback.  Social learning is an important way to get feedback on your performance and prompt self-reflection.  It also allows us to capitalize on other’s advice and experiences, as well as how we are perceived by others, so we can adjust our approaches to maximize our impact going forward.  This element of the NEXT Leadership Development Toolkit includes personal videos and quotes to support one’s learning.




Lessons on Motivating & Inspiring with Maria Lacal


Lessons on Communicating with Impact with Maria Korsnick


A Lesson on Effectively Managing Relationships with Dr. Rita Baranwal


A Lesson in Resilience with Jhansi Kandasamy


Lessons on Coaching & Development with Nicole Flippin

Women Colleagues


Real Quotes from Real Women - Let Them Inspire You!

The following are responses shared when women leaders were asked the following question: As a female leader, what THREE critical leadership skills do you wish you mastered earlier in your career?


“You don’t have to know it all and be the expert. Developing others and seeking their diverse perspectives will always result in a stronger team and better decision-making.”

Coaching and Developing


Learn from NEXT Leaders

The NEXT cohort represents a diverse group of women, through our continuously growing blog learn from those experiences and expand your network.